The outrageous betrayal of taxpayers continues:

U.S. gave up billions in tax money in deal for Citigroup's bailout repayment (38 billion tax exemption for Citigroup)

Free The Tax Slaves,


April, 2009

How many hours a day do you work to support the persons and programs called the Government?

How much of your time and life energy goes to fund faceless bureaucracies and the banking cartel called the Federal Reserve?

Do you feel as though you are a Tax Slave?

Do you get any bailouts?

Free The Tax Slaves!

My name is Elena Haskins, and I have been a Tax Slave for most of my life.

Even before I began paying taxes myself, I was worried about them.

Beginning around 9 years old, when it was time to pay the property taxes, I watched my widowed mother bite her nails down so far they were bleeding.

That became a yearly event. The taxes came due. Mom would chew on her nails. Her fingers would bleed.

My father, Lt. Cmdr. Harry Haskins, had been killed "in the service of his nation". We were left to survive on the pension for widows and dependents, which was enough to survive, but not to thrive.

Now I owe property taxes that are in arrears. I do not bite my nails. Instead, I get rashes.

Meanwhile, I watch taxpayers being forced to give their life hours and life energy so the Professional Parasites who call themselves the government can give billions away in bailouts and inefficent, ineffective social programs and squander trillions in disastrous wars.

Who were and are the humans who contrive and contrived to put the heavy burden of taxes on working women and men?

And how do we get the Professional Parasites to cease and desist?

What if the beginning of freedom from insane taxes was as simple as saying:


over and over and over until millions

of persons decide to oppose the tyranny

of tax slavery...

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